Q: Where can I download the free MEIDC App?
A: Modern Emergency ID Card is currently a free app for Apple iPhone and iPad devices on the iTunes App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meidc/id1069254860 and is a free app for Android devices in Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meidc.meidcapp

Q: What is a standard MEIDC ID card?
A: Modern Emergency ID Card is a contemporary dual sided full color medical ID card. MEIDC ID card is made of durable plastic and is meant to accompany your state issued ID or drivers license which may be used by first responders in case of emergency.

Q: What is a sticky/adhesive MEIDC ID card?
A: Modern Emergency sticky adhesive ID card is a contemporary single sided (front side only) full color thick mylar PCV plastic medical ID card with a strong adhesive back that can be stuck to the inside of a medicine cabinet, glove box, patient folder or on the back of your state issued ID or driving license. This may be purchased only when a standard card is also ordered. When it arrives, peel off the back and stick it where a first responder can easily scan the barcode in case of an emergency.

Q: Is there a monthly fee to use the MEIDC App?
A: No, there is no monthly fee, you only pay for the products you need. You may want to keep your information up to date on your device and order a new card for your wallet/purse as often as needed. The first responder can only read our barcode without a watermark so make sure your most current information is available and the watermark has been removed after a purchase. The first responder is most likely to look in your wallet/purse before trying to access a phone or tablet so it is important that you have a current physical ID card on you at all times.

Q: Why is some information mandatory?
A: The first section of the MEIDC App contains fields that should match your state issued ID for verification purposes by first responders. MEIDC ID Card may not be issued without completing this information. App will auto save after this section has been completed. All other fields are optional but helpful to the first responder.  Ideally you want to answer each question, NONE is a great answer too.  The last four of a social security number is optional but helpful for some places in the United States have medical records that can be found in the HIE with this additional identification in their systems.

Q: What if the name of my medicine is not found by scrolling or located in the drop down list?
A: Each section has an OTHER – [Enter Text] field. Use this area to input your personal data. This data may show differently when barcode is scanned in by the first responder, it may not correspond with their database but will still transfer to the ePCR. We use a nationally recognized database, our medication section has both the generic and brand names listed. Start your search entry with the first two letters then scroll to see if it is in the list before manually entering new data.

Q: Is my information protected by HIPAA?
A: Security is important to us! MEIDC is not considered a covered entity or a clearing house, but we do follow Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security guidelines. The Identification Verification and Privacy Waiver (IDVPW) signature voluntarily provided waives your privacy rights for any first responder or Good Samaritan allowing the flow of health information needed to provide high quality of care. Once the information is read by the first responder, they too may be responsible for following privacy guidelines just the same as though you volunteered the same information verbally. All of your personal data provided in the MEIDC App is encrypted and stored on the original personal device. We do not retain your personal data in any readable format for use other than printing the order for a very short duration of time. All printing ribbons are shredded and destroyed after order has been completed and shipped. Your data is not recoverable by MEIDC after the printing window of time has been exhausted. We do not share your data!

Q: What if I am not sure of something? Do I leave it blank?
A: Everything below the mandatory section is voluntary. Answer to the best of your ability. Click on each question, choose unknown or none when asked, that way the first responder knows you have been asked the question and have answered it. Be HONEST. The MEIDC ID card, may someday help save your life. Your answer will appear in black text when the question has been answered. Having NONE appear on the card is good!! For example if you have NO health concerns, you may want to choose NONE in that section, then this can appear in your Top 5 telling the first responder that you have answered the question and have no known current health concerns. Another example would be Allergies, answer UNKNOWN if you are unaware of having allergies, you can also choose OTHER to enter text if your allergy is not found in our list. If you do not know the information, move on to the next section, go back later and review. Make sure you double check everything front and back before you place the order. Refunds are only granted if the card is defective.

Q: What is POLST?
A: Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. POLST complements an Advance Directive and is not intended to replace that document. We do not support POLST at this time. If you currently have a DNR, DNI and/or AND in place you may indicate who has the legal documents and provide a phone number for the first responder to use in contacting the person listed in case of an emergency.

Q: Where is my information stored?
A: All the information provided in the MEIDC App is stored on the user device with substantial encryption. Data is never stored in a centralized database and can’t be accessed on the internet. You are in charge of your vital information at all times in your own smart device.

Q: How is my data secured?
A: The MEIDC App encrypts your data from start to finish. MEIDC’s software and internal procedures are designed to safeguard electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) in a manner consistent with published ePHI standards. We secure transmission of data between the application and our servers, we use state-of-the-art encryption of all data stored on the user’s device. Encrypted barcode data is readable by special ePCR software that the first responders use during an emergency response. There is limited physical access to facilities and printed materials. We maintain 24/7 live security monitoring.

Q: Who can read the 2d barcode(s)?
A: Specialized barcode scanners or QR code scanners that can read any DMV symbology can read our barcode up until a certain point. Modern Emergency ID Card has encrypted information and contains trade secrets to giving only the first responders access to your most private health information.

Q: When & How do I order a new card?
A: Because we do not store your information in a centralized database, you will have to order / reorder a new card using the App when substantial information changes or the card is lost. When information is changed in the App, the barcode watermark will appear and remind you that an updated barcode has been generated and new card should be ordered. This keeps your information up to date for the first responder. We suggest reviewing patient data every 3-6 months.

Q: What if I don’t like my photo?
A: SMILE!!! Unlike the DMV, you get to take a photo until you are happy with it. Upload your favorite headshot or take a new one using your device. Follow the instructions, hold your device at eye level, remove sunglasses and hats while using a clean background with even light (shade), fit your head within the outline, look into the camera and click Take Photo in the upper right corner.

Q: Does the barcode expire?
A: The barcode will become invalid if the patient data has changed, thus requiring that a new MEIDC ID card be printed for the patient to carry on themselves and in the device. The watermark will reappear over the new barcode until a purchase has been made. The patient may want to only carry the most recent card so that the first responder has current information available to improve patient care.

Q: Why is there a watermark on the barcode?    
A: The Barcode Not Activated watermark indicates that a purchase has not been made yet or patient information has changed and a new card needs to be ordered. First responders can’t read the barcode with the watermark. However, the watermark will be removed upon purchase. The App automatically generates a valid screen shot of the front of the card after purchase for your records, if you would like a copy of the back of the card, take a screen grab and add it to the MEIDC album in Photos. The purchased images are stored in the MEIDC folder in your photos area and accessible by the first responder quickly if you have added the MEIDC widget in the Today area of Notifications in the iOS operating system. Your old MEIDC ID that was previously purchased will still be readable by first responders, however it may not have the most recent data in the barcode. Caution – check the print date and use the most recent current card in your wallet or on device at all times.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: Because this is a custom personalized item, the only returns that may be considered are physically verifiable defective cards. Before making a purchase please make certain information on both the front and the back of the card is correct by swiping your finger up and down in the middle of the card in the preview screen. Upon delivery, if there is a defective card please contact customer service via email at service@modernemergencyid.com with your order number for instructions. We use high quality control with durable plastic ID cards including color on both sides. They are scratch resistant but not scratch proof.  https://modernemergencyid.com/customer-service

Q: What are the symbols next to each question on the left side?
A: These icons tell you where the data will be located on the MEIDC ID Card and how to add or remove fields. You get the most benefit from having the information both visible and in barcode format.

Q: What if I want to remove a patient profile?
A: If you would like to remove a patient profile, click on the Extras tab, then click on Remove Patient. By selecting the – button, you can delete the patient/user profile. This is permanent and data can’t be restored since the information is only stored on the user device. If you need to wipe all of the patient/user profiles select Wipe Data box by scrolling down in the Extras tab. This will delete ALL of the users data. At this point you can also remove and delete the entire MEIDC App by following your device instructions to remove the App from your device.

Q: What phone number do I use for my health insurance provider?
A: The first responder may need to verify patient insurance, you may want to give them the toll free number provided on your medical insurance ID card along with any relevant health insurance policy information so they can quickly verify coverage when necessary.

Q: Do you store my credit card information?
A: No, we use a trusted secure third party credit card processor with the most stringent level of PCI service provision.

Q: My order has not arrived. What is my order number?
A: The order ID number is located on the MEIDC ID Card screen grab below the barcode. It is also on your email receipt and the shipping label.

Q: I have a gift card, where do I enter the code to use it?
A: Gift Cards and Coupon codes are one-time use only and can be used during the checkout process after the shipping screen. To order a gift card visit the website, https://modernemergencyid.com/gift-card make a purchase and you will be given a gift card code via email that can be entered into the App during the order card process.

Q: What if I want more secure shipping?
A: We have options that include faster delivery, signature, tracking and insurance. You can upgrade your shipping from the FREE standard United States Postal Service shipping when you check out. USPS Priority Mail, Fed Ex and UPS options are available for an additional fee.

Q: My credit card has not been charged yet.
A: Your payment will go through after the order has been completed and is ready to be shipped. If this has been longer than 10 days after your purchase date, please contact customer service with your order number via email service@modernemergencyid.com

Q: How do I add the MEIDC Widget to my Today Notifications in iOS?
A: When you add the MEIDC Widget to your Today Notifications calendar, it will allow the first responders to go directly to your most recently purchased MEIDC ID Card’s with a valid barcode. Click EDIT, add new widget by selecting the MEIDC App in the list of available widgets in iOS. Swipe right to look at most recently purchased cards.

Q: Can I use airprint to print a temporary ID card?
A: Yes, in iOS open your settings, click on wi-fi, find and connect to local printer. Go to your MEIDC Album, select the photo you want to print, click the printer button, select the printer you are connected to on wi-fi, then the number of copies you would like to make.   This will only print one image file at a time. Color printers are preferred.

Q: What if I am not able to connect to Wi-fi?
A: You can still answer all of the questions and preview your card both front and back. You may complete your order, make a purchase and visit links when you are connected to the internet.  Make sure you have turned on cellular use for the MEIDC App in Settings.  First responders do NOT need an internet connection to access your data.

Q: Does MEIDC use badge notifications?
A: Yes, the MEIDC app does use local notifications to alert you to finish editing a profile after 24 hours, finish up a saved order after 7 days, and to reorder your card six months after you’ve ordered your previous card. Upon receiving a notification the MEIDC app will be badged with a counter indicating how many unseen notifications you have received. Please turn on notifications on your device.

Q: Can I turn off notifications?
A: Yes, the settings to turn off notifications from MEIDC can be found in the Settings app on your iOS device. There is also a link to the MEIDC notification settings on the Preferences screen; simply press the on/off button to the right of ‘Notifications’ and you will be navigated to the Settings app on your iOS device.

Q: Can I store a copy of my data in iCloud?
A: Not yet, but this feature is coming soon.

Q: What do I do with the free sticker included with my order?
A: Place the MEIDC sticker on the outside of your device or somewhere obvious so that the first responder knows that you have a MEIDC ID!

Q: How do I sign up for the MEIDC newsletter?
A: Please join us for exiting news on everything related to Modern Emergency ID Card Opt-into our newsletter https://modernemergencyid.com/#newsletter

Q: Give us your feedback.
A: Thank you for taking the time to help us improve the MEIDC App. We appreciate you taking our quick survey that will allow us to continue to improve patient care. https://modernemergencyid.com/survey

Q: Do you ship to CANADA?
A: We do not ship to Canada at this time. Only United States addresses even though our cards may work across the border.

Q: Is MEIDC on Social Media?
A: Yes, please join us on your favorite social media channel and tell a friend!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modernemergencyidcard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ModernEmergency

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB2U8tOJnYe5sfWvspnnc3g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modernemergencyid

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/meidc

Q: Who is the software developer?
Modern Emergency ID partnered with Quicksilver Software Inc in Irvine, CA.

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