Winter safety tips from Modern Emergency ID Card
While icy and snowy roads may keep the general public confined to their homes, emergency personnel have a duty to respond no matter what the weather unleashes.

Dangerous road conditions combined with increased need for police involvement requires additional effort and diligence from first responders.  Make sure to carry your MEIDC ID Card at all times.

When winter storms create dangerous conditions, it is imperative to follow all local officials’ warnings on travel and to exercise caution with heating devices in your home to decrease the strain on emergency personnel.

Due to the use of space heaters and candles there is a major spike in home fires in the winter. An increase in home fires also intensifies the pressure on emergency personnel, requiring both the police and fire departments to respond immediately.

A few winter safety tips to keep in mind.

*Use your fireplace safely. Always use a metal or heat-tempered glass screen when using your fireplace
*Make sure your space heater has an automatic shut-off
*Keep wood stove doors closed unless adding wood or pellets or stoking the fire
*Keep snow and ice 3 feet away from hydrants. In case of fire, firefighters need to be able to get to the hydrants quickly to protect people and property.
*For those who must drive, remember to SLOW down and give yourself extra space to stop between yourself and the driver ahead of you.
*Snow and dropping temperatures create dangerous driving conditions. Recognize all winter storm warnings.

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