MEIDC supports the SAFR method

Health information exchange programs facilitate the secure sharing of a patient’s health information throughout the continuum of patient care.

Orange County, Calif., has been testing the +EMS and the Search, Alert, File and Reconcile (SAFR) model for health information exchange (HIE), which provides a patient’s medical information at providers’ fingertips within seconds. To accomplish this, an established HIE is augmented by the alerting and bidirectional data flow capabilities in
ImageTrend’s Health Information Hub (HIH) and Hospital Hub to facilitate the technical interactions among EMS, the HIE and hospitals.

Medics can locate patient care data on the HIE directly from ePCR software. Once the correct patient is identified, the ePCR is populated with the available information.  Learn more at JEMS

Patients who carry a MEIDC ID Card allow the first responder to quickly identify the correct data file in the HIE.

Download the free MEIDC app today and order your own personal medical ID card. 

Photo courtesy Newport Beach Fire Department

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